Thank Yous & Acknowledgements

Updated May 2018:


“Here is a list of the people I would like to thank for helping to make this scholarship a reality:

  • My mom, Lillian Busser, who planted the idea,
  • Courtney Laves-Mearini and her staff at Cleveland City Dance for all their help and encouragement,
  • My family, who has been very supportive,
  • Lorelei Greifenstein at Edgewood Creative for her beautiful logo design, her friendship, and her encouragement,
  • Debbie Boardman, a wonderful friend and fantastic photographer,
  • Karen Lyn Gail for all her help and support,
  • Kristin Duprey for her great embroidery on our t-shirts and jackets,
  • To three incredible ladies who have all contributed to make my life better – Susan, who just by being in my life made it better; Leslie, who showed me some of the most incredible ballet I’ve ever seen; and, last but not least, Roseann Miller, who taught me to look at life from the Amish perspective,
  • My good friend Edith Antl at Art Etc. Framing – Thank you!
  • Bob Wenning for all his help and good wishes, and for being a real friend,
  • Amy Dreher at the World Trade Center Memorial, one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She has shown me what it means to get involved.
  • Thank you also to my daughter and Vice President Cathy J. Busser and my grandson, Secretary / Treasurer Joshua P. Busser, for putting up with me and for helping to make this all possible. I couldn’t do this without you all.
  • The Welty family and their beautiful and talented daughter, Emily,
  • The Craig Family, and their beautiful and talented daughter Barbara,
  • Marie Johansson, for your never ending support and friendship,
  • To Krista Morana, an incredible dancer, great teacher, and a friend, who has been like a sister to me,
  • Irina M. Wilson at Grishko, for your very generous support and encouragement.
  • Dave and Donna Yohe and their beautiful & talented daughter Diana; Claire Dennis and her beautiful and talented daughter Melanie; and the parents of and Jessie Goldstein-Kral, another wonderfully talented dancer.
  • Erin Cameron, for her undying support and friendship,
  • Gay, Bill, and Alicia Monica, for all your support and encouragement.

Thank you for everything that you all have contributed to this organization, now and into the future!

Signature Image

E. John Busser,

President, The E. John Busser Ballet Scholarship”