The Scholarship is celebrating its 15th year!

This webpage is for the E. John Busser Ballet Scholarship, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by E. John Busser, a lifelong lover of the arts and a visionary of a brighter future for ballet. 

The organization was created to provide scholarships to young dancers who demonstrate exceptional ability in dance and aspire to continue into undergraduate ballet studies and professional ballet in the future. The Scholarship wants to recognize the exceptional ability of these dancers through the provision of monies to assist in paying for tuition, supplies, and other expenses that might arise in the process of the pursuit of dance full-time.

Please check out the links to the pages on this site, see what the Scholarship is working to do to support the future of ballet, and find out how you can contribute to the cause.

For general questions, to contact someone at the Scholarship,  or for more information, you can e-mail us here.

Lauren Fiddes (2017), Kali Kleiman (2019), BarbaraAnne Dutil (2018), Madyson Grobe (2019), and Layla Terrell (2020)

Scholarship Leadership:

Mr. E. John Busser, President

Mrs. Robin Fiddes, Executive Director

Mr. Joshua P. Busser, Secretary / Treasurer