Our Mission

The Scholarship’s Mission is to support the emerging generation of dancers through scholarships and encouragement as they achieve their professional potential.

Our Vision

2016 Recipient Jessica Kinnaman-Nicholson

Worldwide, the value of the arts has been diminishing slowly in our cultures. In the past, the arts have been emphasized, revered, and aspired to by many. Today, classical artistic endeavors are no longer at the forefront of the public consciousness. Young artists in all disciplines are not encouraged to take their skills further in many cases, meaning that the next generation of possible talents are not realizing their potential and pursuing the areas of the arts that they are suited for.

The E. John Busser Ballet Scholarship, at its core, is an organization that wishes to help shape the future of the arts across the globe by helping to foster the talents of those who show interest and desire to become professional dancers.  Many young dancers who wish to pursue ballet as a professional endeavor never follow through because they don’t have the support or the means to do so, and the Scholarship works to give the students support not only through recognition of their talents, but through financial assistance to cover the costs of expanding their talent and realizing their potential.

The commitment of the E. John Busser Ballet Scholarship to the arts is shown down to the smallest detail in the way we do things administratively. Students are chosen by individuals who have the experience and knowledge to recognize talented young dancers who express desire to continue onwards in dance. The organization ensures that one hundred percent of all proceeds donated for use in the provision of scholarships ends up in the hands of students. No costs for administration, fees, materials, travel, or any other expenses are taken from the funds given to the organization, which gives those who wish to support these students a peace of mind that their dollars are going to help students succeed.

We encourage you, if you are interested in supporting the efforts of this organization, to consider making a tax-deductable donation to our Scholarship, no matter how small. Any support that you can provide will help us to continue making strides towards improving the condition of the arts in this country. Helping the next generation of dancers in this country realize their potential is a large endeavor, but with your greatly appreciated support, we can work towards providing the support and recognition these young dancers need to push towards pursuing ballet as a career and a passion.

2016 Recipient Adrienne Chan

Current Partners

These are the organizations we are currently working with or have recently worked with to provide Scholarships to deserving students enrolled in their programs:

If you know of an individual student or ballet school/organization that should be considered for a Scholarship award, let us know here.